"Tell a story / Tell your story / Tell your story to anyone who'll listen / Tell your story / Don't stop talking just tell your story walking..."

- Deb Talan, The Weepies

"Storytelling, in my family, was highly prized. While my father walked home from work he rearranged the events of his day to make them more entertaining, and my mother could make a trip to the supermarket sound like an adventure. If this required minor adjustment of fact, nobody much minded: it was certainly preferable to boring your audience....

This book is absolutely in the family tradition. Everything here is true, but it may not be entirely factual. In some cases I have compressed events; in others I have made two people into one. I have occasionally embroidered.

I learned early on that the most important thing in life is a good story."

- Ruth Reichl,
Tender at the Bone: Growing up at the Table, from the Author's Note

Day of the Quote was originally started as a repository for things Gretzky overheard people say during the day.

It then became a place she linked to things she found amusing, good eating recommendations, interesting events, and good book reviews....And it became a place to tell stories.

Once she started grad school, Gretzky's time for writing was decreased considerably. It feeds her soul, so she is trying, but please forgive the shortened posts for the next two years.